(BNP Communication) — Bangladesh Nationalist Party-BNP Thursday, May 11, claimed that ruling Awami League’s leaders, activists, supporters and  its patronised groups have ‘looted’ nearly two lakh crore taka from banking sector in the name of loans by’manipulation’.

It said currently the banks  suffer from ‘acute liquidity crisis’ which severely affected the ‘depositors’.

The party alleged that Awami League is responsible for present ‘corruption’ and ‘disaster’ in banking sector.

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir flanked by the party’s standing committee members made the remarks at a news conference on present ‘bad’ scenario of banking sector  at the BNP chairperson’s office in Gulshan in the afternoon.

Reading out a written statement,  Fakhrul said most of the SOB, private banks, non-banks, financial institutions outside banking sector are just on  the verge of ‘serious destruction’ AL rule.

He said presently banking sector remains in an ‘unstable’ and ‘anarchic’ situation following lack of good governance and accountability, corruption, plundering, immorality and disorder.

Fakhrul said most of the banks are running by borrowing.

The secretary general claimed that government institutions  now want to withdraw their deposits from private banks.

Now a panic has started in the banking sector which  earlier prevailed in share market, he said.

Fakhrul said loan default is the main reason behind crisis in banking sector, saying loan defaulters were plundering thousands crores of taka of clients in the name of loan.

He said the finance minister earlier in parliament disclosed the names of 100 loan defaulter institutions in which the names of  many major loan defaulters were not mentioned.

He elaborately described various irregularities, financial scams, dynastic  politicisation , anarchy in banking sector that regularly siphons money and launder abroad while delivering written statements for over  half an hour,

Fakhrul criticised the government’s move to provide license for three more new banks amid prevailing sorry state of affairs  in banks and declining cash reserve ratio(CRR)..

He said Awami-blessed quarters have been continuing to plunder and rampage bank money in manipulative ways  scot-free.

Fakhrul said present ‘hemorrhaging’ in banking sector would soon make the economy ‘anemic’ leaving  the state and society in deeper crises.

The incumbent ‘illegal’ government cannot avoid  the liability, he said.

‘Corruption in the financial sector is fully state-sponsored. So the evil-doers can walk away scot-free, even get away with murder,’ the secretary general said.

Asked about whether BNP has specific suggestion to the government  in overcoming the sorry state of affairs in banking sector, Fakhrul said BNP would speak about on this matter later on gradually.

Standing committee member Amir Khosru Mahmud Chowdhury said corruption and plunder are taking place in banking sector under ‘political’ and ‘state’ patronisation after banking division was brought under Finance Ministry.

Standing committee members Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, Moudud Ahmed and Abdul Moyeen Khan also spoke at the news conference.