(BNP Communication) —  British legal expert of BNP, Lord Alex Carlile, who was hired to advise the party chief’s legal team, said allegations against him of representing the Jamaat-e-Islami or lobbying for it are ‘untrue’.

“My engagement with Begum Zia’s team of lawyers team is a professional one and giving her legal advice does not in anyway contradict my position as a member of the House of Lords,” it reads.

On his comments over the war crimes trial, Carlile said that as an international lawyer, he made those observations about the procedures of the tribunal in relation to international standards.

“The allegation made against me, and that I acted as a lawyer and lobbyist of Jamaat-e-Islam is untrue and would be subject to libel action,” Carlile said.

Urging “everyone” not to make statements that interfere with Khaleda’s case in future, Carlile said he will have no option other than taking legal action.