(BNP Communication) —  BNP Chairperson and former PM Begum Khaleda Zia Sunday, Dec 24, called on the party leaders, activists and supporters  to prepare for future situations whether  launching a massive movement or participating in elections to ensure reinstalling democracy in Bangladesh.

She reiterated that it will not be possible to hold a free and fair election if Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina remains in power.

“We want elections; we do not want any chaos. Elections should be free, fair and inclusive, and for that to happen, parliament needs to be dissolved. Elections should be held under a neutral government. People cannot go to the polling stations if Awami League stays in office,” she said.

 The former prime minister also alleged that “the country is being run Pakistan-style”. “There is no democracy, no election in the country. People were barred from entering the polling centers.”

Khaleda made the remarks while addressing a discussion organised by Jatiyatabadi Muktijodhdha Dal at Mahanagar Natyamancha in the capital.

Addressing the other political parties, she said, “We all are victims. Let’s get united and protest against the misdeeds [of the government] and wage movement for democracy and establish people’s government through election.”

 Further criticising the current government, the BNP chief alleged that the government has compelled former chief justice SK Sinha to resign.

“The government has done a judicial coup, for which it should face punishment.”

Khaleda also alleged that the independence of the judiciary has been snatched away. “SK Sinha’s crime was that he spoke the truth and worked for the independence of the judiciary. He gave observations about 154 lawmakers elected uncontested.”

Claiming that killings and abductions have been occurring on a regular basis, Khaleda said the government should have to be held accountable for them.

The BNP chief criticised the price hike of daily essentials and said people are in miserable condition due to the skyrocketing prices of daily essential commodities. “For this, the government’s corruption is responsible.”

 While praising India’s role in sheltering the people of Bangladesh during the Liberation War, Khaleda said, “Freedom fighters have contributed to the country’s independence, and at the same time India also contributed to our Liberation War.”

Addressing her party members, she said, “You will have to prepare for the demonstration to be announced in the days to come. You must move forward for both our movement and the elections. We believe we’ll succeed this time, and be able to restore multiparty democracy in the country.”

Expressing optimism about the success of the movement, Khaleda said, “Multiparty democracy was restored in the country under our leadership and it will be restored once again in the country under the leadership of BNP.”