Begum Zia’s Blunt Message in `Revolution and Solidarity’  Rally

(BNP Communication) — Bangladesh Nationalist Party chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia on Sunday bluntly brushed  aside  the possibility of  holding polls under Sheikh Hasina. It has to be under a non-party neutral government minus EVM in which army shall have to be deployed with magistracy power  for the people to exercise  their sovereign power to elect constituents under a free and fair atmosphere.

She was speaking at a massive rally marking the ‘Nov 7 – National Revolution and Solidarity Day’ at Suhrawardy Uddyan.

She asserted there is no pleasure in winning polls by defrauding and just by passing  the constituents not facing them  in the shameless  namesake of a poll farce cheating the people  to be ruled under their so-called  mandate. The former prime minister said that no fair election was possible with Hasina in power and people could not exercise their franchise in any election held under Hasina.

‘Otherwise, she added  goons of Hasina equipped with illegal arms, as usual  would capture polling centers. She said that the chief election commissioner was not asserting its independence to put things straight. The commission must not obey the government’s ‘unjust order ‘as the commissioners including EC is responsible to hold a free, untarnished and fair election.

Begum Zia’s strong opposition  to the election with Hasina in power comes against this backdrop. She claimed people will sure cast their vote for `sheaf of paddy’ if it is unfettered.

she is not opposed to presence of Police at polling centers but it is BCL cadres, she claimed, that have proved themselves running havoc as armed gangs that know no bound in public behavior.

She told the rally that people are waiting for a change in power that is already  overstretched for long which has witnessed cruel death, enforced disappearances and vanishing people without any trace. But we will not follow this terrible model of politics of hair raising politics, she said. She promised to make a behavior change  AL elements into  true human beings.

BNP chairperson  pointed out to what she called AL xenophobia to directly confront  the people’s court. And so they are after a sinister move to bring back the old wine in new bottle – BAKSAL. She reiterated her intention to pardon  AL misdeeds and mistreatment to her but he she wondered whether the country shall do the same.

So, she said, it is high time to bring the country back to congenial atmosphere, democracy and good governance, rule of law and accountability before it is too late.  An unfettered election is the only way to bring about the desired change.

Reflecting on unprecedented  economic and financial drain, she blamed squarely on the ruling party men and henchmen and the vaunted development.

She  touched on what happened to the higher echelon of justice she remarked the CJ whatever he might have done has been forced out by the government and thus they have taken over both higher and lower courts justice to the much chagrin of people.

On the Rohingya  issue she sounded a note warning to the government it must not have been bipartite deal so far Myanmar have not behaved with dignity in the matter.

The rally ended peacefully, the government claimed they have  kept word given but surely they have put the participating and non participating impartial to untold suffering as government and AL party mechanism did their evilest to contribute to it.