(BNP Communications) — BNP’s national standing committee member  Amir Khosru Mahmud Chowdhury Tuesday, Sep 19, urged the government to make its stance on Rohingya issue clear before the nation.

‘Extreme nationalism has been instigated by creating Rohingya crisis which may destabilise the region by putting its peace and security under serious threat. It won’t bring anything good for anyone,’ he said.

Speaking at a discussion he further said, ‘The government’s stance on the Rohingya problem is still not clear. I call upon the government to make its position clear and tell the nation how you want to deal with the issue.’

Bangladesh Youth Forum arranged the programme titled ‘Bangladesh’s position on Rohingya Crisis’ at the National Press Club in Dhaka.

Chowdhury, a former commerce minister, said their party wants to cooperate with the government in facing the Rohingya crisis as it is a national issue, not any single party’s one.

He said their party had successfully tackled the Rohingya problem in 1978 and 1992 forcing Myanmar to take back many Rohingya. ‘I urge the government to follow the examples set by President Ziaur Rahman and Khaleda Zia in facing the Rohingya crisis.’

Chowdhury said the government at the initial stage prevented Rohingya from entering country and pushed many of them back.

Later, he said, the government proposed to Myanmar to carry out joint operations along the border branding Rohingya as terrorists and drug traffickers. ‘There’s no difference between the attitude of the government and Myanmar towards the Rohingya.’

The BNP leader said the government softened its stance over the Rohingya on political grounds as the country’s people and international community started raising their voice against Rohingya persecution.

‘They (govt) thought they would be affected politically if they didn’t stand by the Rohingya. So, the Prime Minister went to visit Rohingya camps to make political gains, not because of humanity and morality,’ he observed.

He said the Bangladesh government still could not seek the trial of Myanmar authorities in international court for carrying out genocide against Rohingya as its political stance on the issue is not clear.

The BNP leader came down heavily on the government for depriving the hapless Rohingya of huge humanitarian assistance by obstructing his party’s relief team from distributing relief materials among them.

He also criticised the powerful countries of the region for keeping mum on Rohingya persecution and supporting Myanmar.