(BNP Communication) — The BNP Saturday demanded a judicial probe into the attacks on Santal community members in Gaibandha that resulted in the death of four people of the minority group, and ensure proper punishment of the perpetrators.

In a statement, BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir also alleged that the attacks were made on the community at the “behest of the ruling party’s local MP and UP chairman.”

“It’s appalling to imagine such barbaric attacks and killing of four Santals in Gaibandha in mass beating and firing by police and Awami cadres in an independent country like Bangladesh,” he said.

The BNP leader observed that the barbaric incidents remind the nation of the mass killings that had happened during the rule of Pakistani occupation forces.

He further alleged that it is unthinkable that the government of an independent country can make people homeless by attacking them and killing them in police firing.

Underscoring that minority people always come under attacks during Awami League rule, Mirza Alamgir said it is possible for the ruling party to assault members of different religious communities while talking about secularism.

He said the ruling party-backed miscreants are constantly attacking Hindus, Buddhists and Christians and damaging their houses and places of worship.

Strongly denouncing the attacks on the Santal community, the BNP leader demanded that the government should provide the affected people of the ethnic group their due compensation.